Rene Llapur

Rene Llapur Rene is an Argentinean bilingual (english-spanish) ADR professional. Attorney (admitted in Buenos Aires Bar Association), he holds an LLM (Master in Mediation) at Pepperdine University. Currently, he holds his private practice in family businesses conflicts and also teaches ADR in Argentina and Latin America.

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Articles and Video:

A Peaceful Argentinean Leader Died – Raul Alfonsin (07/13/09)
Argentina mourns a political leader called Raul Alfonsin in these days. More than one hundred thousand people gave they farewell to their former politician guide in the Buenos Aires streets. This unusual reaction was atypical for the last 35 years, when Juan Domingo Peron, a former and charismatic president had died.

Ha muerto en estos días un líder argentino de la paz - Raúl Alfonsín (04/22/09)
Ha muerto un líder de la pacificación argentina, el ex presidente Raúl Alfonsín, (1927-2009), que inauguró en 1983, luego de elecciones presidenciales libres, el período de democracia más extendido, ininterrumpido desde 1983 hasta hoy.

A Mediator’s Cross Cultural Dynamics Involving Latino's (11/17/03)
Once the mediator has self-evaluated thoroughly and has a deep understanding of his own knowledge and skills, the next step is to take into consideration the cross-cultural dynamics. As a foreigner, the mediator must understand the commonalities and the differences between the two cultures: the native one and the new one. The elements that the mediator must consider in order to be successful are the mediator’s individuality amidst the Latino cultural diversity, the mediator’s role under Latino clients, the mediator’s involvement in the conflict, the Latino family dynamics, the formality and informality in dealing with Latinos, and collectivistic patterns that the mediator must consider in order to be successful.

How a Spanish Speaking Mediator Can Set Up a Financially Successful Mediation Practice? (10/20/03)
A mediator whose native language is Spanish and from another country faces unique opportunities, obstacles and challenges in the pursuit of creating a successful mediation practice. This paper is designed to help such mediators build satisfying conflict resolution careers. In addition, this paper attempts to aid peacemakers in achieving their goal to make a living from a mediation practice.