Daniel Ben-Zvi

Daniel Ben-Zvi

Daniel Ben-Zvi is a mediator and arbitrator with ADR Services, Inc, based in Los Angeles. He has mediated more than 2,000 disputes.  Mr. Ben-Zvi is co-author of the book "Inside the Minds – Alternative Dispute Resolution" [Aspatore Press, Boston 2004]. Admitted to five Bars, he draws on 20 years as a multi-state trial lawyer to resolve complex and bitterly-fought cases. He is a Power Mediator [Hollywood Reporter] and a Distinguished Fellow with the International Academy of Mediators.


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Website: www.dbmediation.com

Articles and Video:

It Happened in Mediation - Believe It or Not (11/10/17)
The authors have peeled back the protective cloak of confidentiality just enough to provide a glimpse of the wild, the unpredictable, and the utterly preposterous things that have happened in real mediations.

Mediation: Duels to Handshakes (10/14/16)
Walk into a mediation and you walk into a world of possibilities. Lawyers need to leave their weapons at the door and be open to opportunities that can arise in mediation.

Joint Sessions: More Arrows in the Mediation Advocacy Quiver (01/23/15)
While private caucuses and shuttle diplomacy successfully produce settlements, attorneys who also choose to advocate directly to their opposition in joint session are availing themselves of more arrows in the attorney’s quiver.  Mediators Daniel Ben-Zvi and Caroline Vincent encourage attorneys not to overlook this valuable tool and discuss strategies to use in conjunction with joint sessions to provide the most favorable resolution for their clients.

Nine Ways for Counsel to Prepare for Mediation (06/19/11)
Attorneys know how to prepare for trial: motions in limine, evidence, witness exams, and opening statements. How to get ready for mediation is not as obvious. Here are nine suggestions for counsel to best prepare for mediation.

How Real Is 'The Threat'? What Mediators Should Know About Malicous Prosecution (09/29/03)
Mediators routinely hear an attorney on one side or the other, or on all sides, make The Threat. And when it comes, it is often accompanied by a raised voice and index finger, either jamming down staccato-like on the table or wagging around.