Lester L. Adams

Lester L. Adams

Lester L. Adams is an attorney, author, a trained mediator and arbitrator, and an ordained minister. Lester has been a mediator and arbitrator for the following organizations: National Association Of Securities Dealers; National Arbitration Forum; Better Business Bureau; New York Stock Exchange; Circuit Court Of Baltimore County, and the Maryland Human Relations Commission. Lester has been an ordained Elder since 1994, and he currently serves in that role in a church called New Covenant Tabernacle. Lester also heads up Pursuing Peace Ministries, a ministry that mediates conflict, and teach, trains, and equips congregations and church leaders to make peace. Over the years some of the teaching series Lester has conducted for congregations include, “Becoming A Man of Peace”, "Developing Good Relationships In The Church" and "Anger And Conflict". Lester also has published two books on resolving conflict, God’s Power Released (Amazon.com, 2014) and Preparation For Resolution: Biblical Strategies For Conflict Resolution (Amazon.com, 2014).

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Articles and Video:

The Four Questions Of Anger (12/15/17)
If we are to ever have greater success at resolving our disagreements with each other, we have to deal with the destructive anger that causes us to start disagreements, fuels the flames of opposition, and keeps us fighting each other even when we have a way out of conflict.

From Lester Adams (10/14/13)
When Mediate.com says it is the "most visited dispute resolution site in the world", I believe that it is true from my personal experience as an author. The responses to my articles have been from throughout the world (from nations such as India, Germany, Botswana, Spain, Ireland and Israel), which shows that the Mediate.com is having a world wide impact. Over the years that I have published articles, I have received over 100 letters from people seeking help with conflict in their churches and advice on how to start in the mediation profession. This shows that people come to Mediate.com when they are seeking help, which means that it has been a blessing to many people. I thank God for Mediate.com, as it has been a platform that has allowed me to connect with people both near and far away. Keep up the good word, and continue to make your important contribution to the conflict resolution community.

Congregational Conflict: Why Don't We Seek Help (05/18/13)
This article addresses two congregational issues: why we do not seek help to settle our disagreements, and the misguided reasons we use to justify it.

From Lester Adams (10/11/11)
Israel, India, Ireland, Germany, and Spain, and many states in the US and Canada. These are the places where I have heard from people or conversed with people related to the articles I have written on Mediate.com. This shows how far-reaching this WEB-Site is, and its vital role in the conflict resolution dialogue. With the proliferation of violence and wars in many regions throughout the world, I feel we have a long way to go in trying to stem the tide of violence and anger and pursue peace. But I am so grateful that this vehicle of disseminating ideas on the subject exists. I thank God for you, and may God bless you in all your future endeavors.

Praying People And Conflict Resolution (04/12/10)
This article is written to allow “praying people” to see the role and importance of continual prayer in helping us settle our differences with each other as we walk through different steps of the conflict resolution process.

The Peacemaker’s Vision And The Open Door (03/01/10)
According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, a door is a means of access, a structure for opening or closing an entrance. When God sets an open door before us, it is often a pathway that leads to blessing. In my years as a peacemaker, I have seen God open doors to help people become able to settle their differences with each other. The disagreement may appear impossible to resolve. But, when God steps in, suddenly the impossible becomes possible.

Congregational Conflict Resolution: The Pastor’s Role (10/06/09)
I am speaking to you, who are leaders of congregations. In my years of experience as an Elder, I have learned that addressing conflict is one of the most difficult things you are called to do. Because there is very little preparation or effective training in Bible college or seminaries, most leaders are ill-equipped to deal with the strife that arises in their congregation. In this article, I want to share with you a few things that I think will help you be better prepared for this task.

Congregation Conflict Resolution: The Member’s Role (12/01/08)
To you who are congregation members. You may not see yourself as a mediator or think that you have the skills to facilitate discussion, but I believe that God has ordained for you to play a vital role in helping your congregation address and resolve some of the terrible conflict that is hurting (and may be destroying) you. You have within you the ability to help your congregation set and establish an atmosphere where the resolution of disagreements and the end of strife becomes more likely than it is today. My hope is that you see it through this article, and begin to walk it out in your life.

Congregational Conflict: Preparation For Resolution (06/23/08)
Everyone who is either trying to resolve conflict in his own life, or assisting others with settling their differences is looking for ways to become better at this. When I studied the way that Jesus dealt with conflict, I saw how he got people better prepared to resolve their disputes. I want to share with you some of the insight I saw in his life and ministry in this article.

Encouraging Forgiveness (12/17/07)
During your lifetime, you have seen and experienced the great pain and suffering that people are going through because of man’s inhumanity to man. This is an issue we cannot run from, and we must face it every day in every part of the world. We cannot change the hearts of men. Only God can do this. But we can offer people an opportunity to live positive lives in spite of the terrible things that others have done to them. You can do this by forgiving others, and by encouraging the people involved in your mediation sessions to forgive each other.

God’s Role In Mediation And Conflict Resolution (10/22/07)
As a mediator, I am sure that you have had this situation come up. The mediation has been going on for about five hours, and the parties are at an impasse. Then, suddenly, there is a shift. A breakthrough comes where you become able to quickly help the parties settle their differences. This article is a discussion of the unseen hand of God Almighty helping you resolve conflict.

From Lester Adams (08/30/07)
I am honored to write a testimonial because Mediate.com has been a real blessing to me. Over the years, I have enjoyed reading and commenting on some of the many articles various conflict resolution practitioners have written. We may not always agree on every thing; but the debate in the area of conflict resolution I have found to be healthy and stimulating. The articles I have written have given me an opportunity to share the well settled and time honored principles I believe in to settle disputes. As an author, these articles have connected me with new friends and associates from near my home to as far away as the country of India. It has been a joy to be able to help educate so many people and to touch lives in ways that I did not anticipate before being involved with Mediate.com. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to build relationships, participate in the dialogue, and to help people everywhere to amicably settle their differences with each other. God bless you in all your future endeavors.

The Minister, Mediation And The Protective Order (10/03/05)
This article gives the congregation leader (and mediators who give him or her advice) some insight on what to do when one of his or her members gets a protective order against another member.

Congregational Conflict Resolution And The Use Of Scriptures (05/10/04)
This article gives some insight and wisdom on how the scriptures are useful in resolving congregational conflict.

Congregational Conflict: Things To Do If The Phone Call Comes (06/23/03)
If you are called by a congregation member or leader who seeks your help with a conflict, this article points out a few things you should do and consider.