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Niranjan J. Bhatt Niranjan J. Bhatt is a senior advocate in Ahmedabad. He is the founder and the Managing Trustee of the Institute for Arbitration Mediation Legal Education and Development (AMLEAD) and a Convener of the Ahmedabad Mediation Centre, the first lawyers run Mediation Centre of India. Mr. Bhatt received advance mediation training from Harvard Law School PIL Programme and was a member of Indo-US Central Study Team. The author acknowledges the contribution of information about mediation process and importance of mediation training by Mr. Gregg F. Relyea a reputed mediator and an international mediation trainer from San Diego, California, US and assistance by Mr. Himanshu Trivedi, Advocate, Mediator and a Trustee of AMLEAD.This paper was presented by the author at fourth Indo-Us legal forum meet at US SUPREME COURT on Oct 15,2002.

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Comparing Mediation And Lok Adalat: Toward An Integrated Approach To Dispute Resolution In India (09/20/19)
To resolve litigated disputes, Indian courts are using a variety of modern methods, including mediation, and traditional methods, including Lok Adalat, on a broad scale. Lok Adalat (the "people's court") is derived from the ancient panchayat system of justice, where panchas, village elders, helped people resolve their disputes.

From Niranjan Bhatt (09/05/07) has been an encyclopedia, a friend, philosopher and guide. So much to give, so regularly, rich in contents and quality. I love

Legislative Initiative For Court Annexed Mediation In India (06/09/03)
Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration are historically more ancient than the Anglo-Saxon adversarial System of law. Mediation was very popular amongst businessmen during pre-British rule in India. The Indian Legislature made headway by enacting The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 by constituting the National Legal Services Authority as a Central Authority with the Chief Justice of India as its patron in chief.