Ana Schofield

Ana Schofield In 2001, Ana Schofield began a Master's degree in Conflict Resolution via Antioch University McGregor in Yellow Springs, Ohio and graduated in 2003. During this time, she became certified as a mediator.

Now Ana weaves her work experience together as she maintains a private practice in Olympia, Washington that offers creative mediation services, massage therapy and movement education. She gives presentations and facilitates trainings related to creating well-being for various groups and organizations and produces DVD/VIDEO training programs.



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Articles and Video:

Synchronicity and Civility (12/11/06)
Roget’s Thesaurus suggests synonyms for civility to be courteous, accommodating, diplomatic and polite. Peck states that civility is about conscious intention and how we humans relate to each other. He records that he wrote this book about civility, “ an attempt to resurrect and re-define the meaning of civility. This is necessary for the healing of society.”

Bias in Mediation (02/21/05)
For mediators to maintain an unbiased perspective, especially in the heat of mediation, is challenging! Biases stem from values developed by connections to culture, identity, race, ethnicity, territory and religious beliefs. In a vast ocean of human possibilities, adopting values is central in the web that weaves the fabric of behavior and belonging. The value of a bias is in its validation and protection of our core beliefs.

Super Play in Super Space: Physics in Mediation (09/26/04)
Theories in particle physics reveal that all phenomena in nature can be described by five forces: gravitational, weak, electrical, magnetic, and strong forces. The interactions that take place in mediation and the electromagnetic energy fields that are created by the interactions between parties and the mediator(s) are part of a phenomenon in nature, not separate from it.

Body Language in Mediation Including Recuperation Patterns during Work Cycles for Mediators (03/01/04)
Welcome to the silent world beyond words where ninety percent of information concerning body language, voice tone and facial expression, unfolds. Whether collaborating, accommodating or combating, regardless of gender, color or creed, people communicate through non-verbal behavior all the time! Attention to verbal and non-verbal behavior offers mediators an opportunity for one hundred percent communication.

The Wizard of Us (10/06/03)
When the mediator, the parties, the elephant in the room and the secret under the table come together anything is possible, including a ‘collaborative’ and ‘durable’ agreement against the odds! What prevents this ‘natural unfolding’ of the Wizard of Us is lack of attention to all elements in the room.

Interview with Bill Lincoln (03/14/03)
Bill is a source of inspiration for many and is undoubtedly one of the ‘unsung heroes’ of this profession. Bill, at 62, has spent much of his life dealing with the complexities of conflict. His courage to go into dangerous situations is found where peace and justice are absent. Bill places his words and actions where his heart lies and risks his life for his beliefs. While he may be afraid, he goes ‘on anyway’. How many people today are willing to face fear with the courage of a warrior armed with words instead of weapons?