Nancy Kramer

Nancy Kramer


Nancy Kramer is a mediator, attorney and arbitrator who mediates on a variety of matters including employment, commercial, family, personal injury and co-op/condo. She serves on numerous mediation panels, including those of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), US Postal Service, US Federal Occupational Safety (FOH) and New Jersey Superior Courts, as well as the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department and Manhattan Supreme Court, Commercial Division.  Nancy regularly develops and presents mediation seminars, for the American Society For Trainers & Developers (NYC), Brooklyn Bar Association, New York City Bar Association; New York State Attorney General’s Office, New York City Corporation Counsel, New York County Lawyers Association, Practicing Law Institute (PLI); Touro Law School and a number of psychoanalytic institutes. She is a frequent coach/facilitator at seminars for  law schools and others.  Nancy’s background includes over 35 years experience as a lawyer and more than 500 mediations.


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Articles and Video:

Storm Sandy Cases -- Mediation Like No Other (12/27/13)
For mediators, disaster aftermath mediation is an interesting and very rewarding kind of conflict resolution. Not your bread and butter or law school style mediation, but one with the potential to help.

Tip Sheet on Selecting a Mediator (12/19/11)
Think about what you want. Primarily, negotiation assistance, of course. Do you also want a neutral evaluation of your case and an informed guess as to probable outcome (i.e., an evaluative mediator)?

How To Best Represent Your Client At Mediation: A Tip Sheet (05/10/10)
An experienced mediator shares her tips on how best to represent your client in a mediation.

Are Agreements To Mediate Necessary? Yes! (06/02/08)
Since I began mediating 12 years ago, I have made it a practice to ask parties and counsel to sign an Agreement to Mediate, usually prior to the first session. Recently, a new-to-mediation lawyer and friend told me he believed such agreements were unnecessary and reinforce the image that lawyers only complicate everything. His surprising position made me think about my assumptions.

Taking The High Road (08/07/06)
The man and woman who came to me for a divorce mediation were both in their 50’s, attractive and successful. She was a reporter for a prestigious newspaper and he a prominent local TV newscaster. They had been together for 20 years and had two children, ages 10 and 13. His income and future income potential was very high and hers above average and secure. In addition, they expected a substantial inheritance in the future. Their lifestyle was very comfortable, if not lavish, of which they were both aware.

Do You Have A Picture Of Jamie? — How And Why This Works In Mediation (02/10/03)
There is a technique that I have developed to help the parties to focus on the relationship and their need to nurture it. This is a simple technique, and it seems like no more than ordinary social chitchat.