Daniel Renken

Daniel Renken has co-mediated complex multi-party disputes, and co-trained parties to a dispute in negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, in co-operation with the Administrative Law Judges at the State of New York Public Service Commission (Albany, NY). Mr. Renken is a double-major in Law and Environmental Science at Potsdam University (Germany), where he is currently preparing for his MSc’s finals (equiv., ABD). He would like to thank Judith A. Lee, Chief Administrative Law Judge, and all the other Administrative Law Judges, namely Eleanor Stein, Jaclyn A. Brilling, and Robert G. Garlin for their unlimited support and friendship. And he would like to thank Barbara Weiner, Staff Attorney with the Greater Upstate Law Project, Inc. (Albany, NY), for helping brainstorm and review the article, and for her love.

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Articles and Video:

The ABC’s of ADR. A comprehensive guide to alternative dispute resolution (12/16/02)
In general, there is an increasing use of ADR-Techniques. But the specific terms describing distinct methods of conflict resolution are often not used appropriately. Hence, there is a need to properly draw distinctions between the ADR-Techniques. Therefore, the article gives a complete overview on the basic ADR-Techniques, such as, e. g., mediation, facilitation and arbitration. It characterizes all of them, draws distinctions between them, and organizes them within a spectrum of increasing influence of the third party on the conflict resolution process and the solution itself. The article is based on intense research as well as on experience made while working for the State of New York Public Service Commission's Office of Hearings and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the year 2001.