Jessie Sutherland

Jessie Sutherland

Jessie Sutherland, Director of Worldview Strategies , has 20 years of experience as an educator in cross-cultural communication, community development, international affairs, and conflict resolution. Jessie has lived and worked in British Columbia, Quebec, Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, and South America. She holds a Master's degree in Dispute Resolution from the University of Victoria and has published a book entitled "Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict From The Inside Out ".

Jessie has presented her innovative approach at several conferences; delivered transformational workshops to local, national, and international teams; and has launched Reconciliation Education Teleconferences , a new international public conversation about Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations. Jessie is deeply committed to a parallel process of personal and societal transformation to create conditions for genuine reconciliation.

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Articles and Video:

Colonialism, Crime, and Dispute Resolution: A Critical Analysis of Canada's Aboriginal Justice Strategy (10/21/02)
In various parts of the world, Europeans have used criminal justice systems as a key colonial tool to dismantle and de-legitimise "the social institutions and political aspiration of indigenous people". Certainly, Canada has been no different in its implementation of laws and policies that have resulted in eroding First Nations' political, economic, social and cultural institutions and ways of life .In this essay, Jessie Sutherland not only outlines how this erosion has taken place but more importantly recommends ways to restore and repair the relationship between First Nations and the Canadian state.