Ronald S. Kraybill

Ronald S. Kraybill

Dr. Ronald S. Kraybill  is Peace and Development Advisor for the United Nations in Lesotho.   He was Training Adviser 1993-1995 to the South African National Peace Accord, a structure created by political leaders to deal with violence during the political transition in South Africa.  In recent years he has been involved in peace efforts in Israel/Palestine, Iraq, India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Guyana.  He blogs on his publishing website, Riverhouse ePress.

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Articles and Video:

Talking Stick Breaks Impasse (02/09/18)
Divided Democrats and Republicans found a way to talk this week, and actually listened to each other, using a talking stick!

Shift Dynamics with One Word (01/26/18)
Here’s a strategy to improve dynamics in a difficult conversation: In an argument or tense discussion, replace “but” with “and”.

Plan Teambuilding Now (12/29/17)
Good relationships rarely happen by chance. They happen by choice, when people choose to do stuff that facilitates friendship and connection.

What Not to Say After Violence (10/27/17)
An Important Choice: What to Do and Say After Violence?

Teambuilding Exercises (10/06/17)
Isolation and polarization are big threats today.

How Do You Call to the Deep? (06/06/16)
By adopting practices of interaction largely stripped of symbols and moments to engage Depth, we cut ourselves off from the most powerful source of energy for creativity, connection, and change available to us.

Use this Simple 2 Step for Conflict Resolution (05/06/16)
As you become aware of diverse conflict styles, you can easily use the two step discussion process, a conflict resolution strategy that can be surprisingly effective.

No Risk? No Hope Then Either (07/05/10)
I witnessed with alarm a recent ruling of the US Supreme Court regarding the U.S. PATRIOT Act. This Act makes it illegal to give support of any kind to groups listed by the US government as terrorist groups, even if the support is designed to end violence.

On Religion and Violence: Step Back George, Step Forth, People of Faith (05/15/06)
Just as many in the West believe there is threat from the Muslim world, large numbers of Muslims believe a vast threat to their beliefs and their way of life exists from the West. Fearful people on all sides easily find disturbing gestures from the other side and hold these up as indicators of the future. We are at a grave pass. What to do?

Skills for Transformative Group Facilitation (12/19/05)
The single biggest factor in determining whether a meeting is rewarding or disappointing is the skill of the leader. Unfortunately, skills for facilitating meetings are rarely taught. People seem to assume that white hair, or a good education, or the title of CEO, chair, reverend, etc., somehow equips leaders with skills adequate to lead meetings.

Conflict Transformation in an Age of Terrorism (12/16/02)
America has invested lavishly and narrowly in hammers. As a consequence, the mightiest nation in history responds simplistically to a problem of vast complexity. Rather than examine the full extent of the evil mess created by decades of destructive interaction between ourselves and others, we choose responses that under-estimate the gravity of our situation. We satisfy our need to act, but our children will bear the cost, for the problems will grow far worse on the long-term.

The Wall and 'Supply Side Security' (09/22/02)
It's time to move past "do-we-or-don't we shell Saddam" to the stuff burning holes in our hearts. Let's name what we're really after. Isn't it security, to know that when we say good-bye to our families in the morning we'll live to say hello again over the dinner table at night? To know that our kids get to have grandkids someday?

Win the Battle, But Lose the War? (10/11/01)
So long as individual nations are free to alone retaliate for offenses, the cycle of violence and retaliation will be endless.