Kenneth M. Lynn

Kenneth M. Lynn, BA, MBA, Ph.D., has held senior positions in government and business and taught at the graduate level for over 25 years. Mr. Lynn has lead change initiatives and cultural transformations in organizations from 60 to over 100,000 employees. Through his Seattle area consulting practice, Mr. Lynn delivers services that range from strategic planning, change management and cultural transformation to interim CEO services and organizational development. The company, Communication Educators, specializes in developing team-based strategies that introduce values and practices that employees embrace as new cultures evolve. Mr. Lynn can be reached via email, through the web site or at 206-780-9223.

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Articles and Video:

Preparing For Labor Negotiations: An Overview (07/22/02)
Negotiating with multiple unions at one table creates an environment where management is required to understand both the individual union issues and those issues that transcend the entire table, such as jurisdiction issues. In my experience, many organizations do not do the preparation work that will allow them to be successful in negotiating subsequent contracts.