Thomas Jordan

Thomas Jordan Thomas Jordan is a Research Fellow of the Department of Human and Economic Geography in Gothenburg, Sweden where he teaches a course in Conflict Resolution.

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Articles and Video:

Seven Guidelines For Handling Conflicts Constructively (04/15/02)
I have compiled seven guidelines for constructive conflict management. I have tried to pick out the most helpful advice that can be given to people who are dealing with conflict situations, striking a balance between the need to be concise and the wish to go beyond the trivial.

Two Geopolitical Worldviews Compete for the Steering Wheel (11/09/01)
The discussions in the media about the terror attacks in the USA make painfully clear that the commentators and decision-makers react to the events in such different ways that meaningful communication is very difficult. However, the outcomes of these discussions are critically important to us all, because the reactions of the West to terrorism will have far-reaching consequences for the course of events in the global society in the coming years.

Glasl's Nine-Stage Model Of Conflict Escalation (10/10/00)
Glasl's escalation model is a very useful diagnostic tool for the conflict facilitator, but also valuable as a means for sensitizing people to the mechanisms of conflict escalation. Such sensitizing may lead to a greater awareness of the steps one should take care to avoid if one wants to prevent a conflict from escalating out of control. In a more academic perspective, the model also provides a theory of conflict escalation that emphasizes the situational pressures acting upon people involved in a conflict. Rather than seeking causes in the individuals, the model emphasizes how there is an internal logic to conflict relationships, stemming from the failure of "benign" ways of handling contradictory interests and standpoints. Conscious efforts are needed in order to resist the escalation mechanisms, which are seen as having a momentum of their own.