Natalie J. Armstrong

Natalie J. Armstrong

Natalie J. Armstrong is President of Golden Media, a marketing company that specializes in marketing and promoting the ADR industry and its service providers.

She has been involved in the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry as both a practitioner and a marketer for more than a decade. She has designed and developed hundreds of campaigns for private practices, educational institutions, authors, organizations and associations around the world. As a personal consultant to many of the premier providers in the ADR industry, Ms. Armstrong has positioned and promoted practices to see an 80% to 800% increase in business for her clients.


Articles and Video:

Building Breakthroughs: Video Interview with Louise Phipps Senft (12/12/19)
By creating a space for change, Louise helps people get back on track so they can work more successfully with their advisors.

The Essential Guide To Market Your ADR Practice (06/10/02)
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How Mediators Can Thrive (Not Just Survive) In Storms (03/06/01)
If you've been watching the news lately then you know all about the upcoming storms. The Nor' Easters of the Eastern Seaboard and the La Nina affecting the Pacific Northwest and California coastline are the natural storms we're experiencing. Then of course there are the projected economic and political storms we are told to expect. These events are not something we can choose to experience. We can however, choose how we respond to them.