John B. Stephens

John B. Stephens John Stephens earned his B.A. from Earlham College, Master of Philosophy from The City University, London, and Ph.D. from George Mason University's Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Before joining the Institute of Government in 1997, he was Research Director of the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management. Previously, he had managed political campaigns, worked for a congressman, and was a lobbyist for the Home Builders Association of St. Louis, Missouri. He coordinates the Institute's public dispute resolution program and teaches public dispute resolution and citizen participation in the Master of Public Administration program. John's specialities are multi-party negotiation and consensus-building. His publications include Public Management Bulletin: Using a Mediator in Public Disputes, solo authored, and Public Comment at Meetings of Local Government boards and Common Practices and Legal Standards, both co-authored.

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Articles and Video:

Using A Mediator In Public Disputes (01/23/01)
Mediators and facilitators are becoming a regular part of the landscape of state and local government in North Carolina. Who are these "neutral third parties"? How do elected officials and top government managers know when to call on them? How can you find a mediator for a tough public issue? This article offers a brief answer to these three questions, and describes the Institute of Government resources in the area of public dispute resolution.