David B. Moore

David B. Moore
David B. Moore specializes in conflict management and constructive communication. He holds postgraduate degrees in political and economic history and psychosocial theory. David taught history and politics at Melbourne University and Charles Sturt University, where he also coordinated Justice Studies and was centrally involved in pioneering reforms using the Conferencing process in justice and education systems. He worked in the Queensland Premier’s Department before co-founding Transformative Justice Australia in 1995. From 1996 - 2002, David taught with TJA in Australia, North America and Europe, and provided conflict management services for Australian organisations. This work inspired David Williamson’s The Jack Manning Trilogy (1999-2001). David’s recent publications include Transforming Conflict (2000) and The Jack Manning Trilogy: A study guide (2003).

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Website: www.primeperformance.com.au

Articles and Video:

Community Conferencing for Young People in Conflict (12/02/02)
In the classroom of a Sydney secondary school, an exam is in progress. Two Year 10 students are arguing over a copy of a book. The book is thrown across the aisle. The teacher calls for quiet. One student mutters to the other, 'We'll sort this out at lunch time!'

Community Conferencing As Transformative Problem-Solving (01/18/01)
In cases where the primary problem is general conflict rather than a specific dispute, the appropriate processes are perhaps best categorized as 'conflict transformation'. And there is now an exemplary conflict transformation process. It has come to be known generically as 'community conferencing.' Early versions emerged in New Zealand and Australia in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the process is now being adopted in parts of Canada, the USA and Western Europe, often in 'restorative justice' programs.