William D. Goren

William D. Goren

William D. Goren is an Associate Professor of Legal Studies at Northwestern Business College at their Naperville, IL campus where he has won several awards for teaching excellence and he makes sure to incorporate his mediation training into the classroom whenever possible. When he is not teaching, Mr. Goren serves as a consultant/legal expert on Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) matters. Mr. Goren also presents and writes extensively on the ADA and other topics. Among his many publications, are the books published by the American Bar Association (ABA): Understanding the Americans With Disabilities Act: An Overview for Lawyers (ABA 2000); and Understanding the ADA, 2nd Edition (ABA 2006). Mr. Goren is a member of both the IL and TX bars. He received his A.B. in Political Science from Vassar College, his J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law, and his LL.M. in Health Law from DePaul University.

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From William Goren (08/31/07)
Why Mediate.com? For a mediator/arbitrator or for someone interested in mediation/arbitration, it is simply the place to go. For example, there are all kinds of very useful articles, and if you care to write one yourself, you will find that other mediators may link to it thereby increasing your visibility. Thus, I certainly plan to stay involved with mediate.com in the coming years.

Concept of Undue Hardship and Reasonable Accommodation in the Employment Context (05/07/07)
What is a reasonable accomodation in the employment context? Under the ADA, reasonable accommodation is defined in the negative. More specifically, a reasonable accommodation is anything that does not constitute an undue hardship. Thus, it becomes imperative to know what an undue hardship is.

Americans With Disabilities Act: Tips For The Advocate (12/20/99)
What type of mediator do you want to have hear an ADA case, how do you evaluate the mediator and how might a mediator/arbitrator handle an ADA mediation/arbitration, how should you prepare for an ADA mediation or arbitration, and should your ADA case be mediated or arbitrated?