Jacqueline Font-Guzmán

Jacqueline Font-Guzmán

Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán (Jackie) serves as the inaugural executive director of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), president's office. She is also a tenured professor at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

Jackie has actively participated in the fields of conflict, peacebuilding studies, and DEI through national and international conferences/workshops. She has conducted a wide variety of trainings and seminars throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America. As part of her international practice and experience, she has provided mediation, facilitation, and consulting services to organizations including the World Health Organization, U.S. Postal Service, Judicial Academy of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, Spain Supreme Court Judicial Council for Continuous Education for Judges, Venezuela Supreme Court, Johnson & Johnson, Raytheon Company, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the Nebraska Bar Association.

Jackie is a Fulbright scholar and her research interests include the following:

  • Qualitative research with a focus on the fields of healthcare disparities, interprofessional collaborations, law, citizenship, and conflict engagement. Specifically, how people construct meaning at critical points in their lives to explore the manners in which meaning-making leads them to productively engage with conflict
  • How marginalized individuals create alternate stories and counter-narratives to transform (or dismantle) institutional/structural injustices
  • Caribbean Studies, Colonialism, Healthcare Disparities, and Identity

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