Lisbeth M. Bulmash

Lisbeth M. Bulmash

JAMS Neutral Lisbeth M. Bulmash, Esq., joins JAMS following nearly 20 years as a conflict resolution practitioner and a co-founder of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) firm. She resolves civil and commercial disputes of all sizes, including complex multi-party disputes.

Before starting her ADR firm, Ms. Bulmash served as a litigation attorney in a diverse array of firms, including a law firm specializing in defense, a law firm representing primarily plaintiffs and a national property casualty insurance company. These varied legal experiences prepared Ms. Bulmash for her career in mediation and arbitration, where she primarily handles business commercial, personal injury, professional negligence, employment, estates/probate/trusts and real property cases. She has established a unique way of anticipating parties’ needs and interests through her decades of experience.

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Articles and Video:

[PODCAST] JAMS Neutrals on the Evolution of Trusts and Estates Disputes and Considerations for Selecting the Right Mediator (11/16/21)
A podcast from JAMS featuring Hon. Glen Reiser (Ret.) and Lisbeth Bulmash, Esq., on the rise of trusts and estates disputes and the role of mediation in successful resolutions.