Joan Feeney

Joan Feeney

Hon. Joan N. Feeney (Ret.) joins JAMS following almost 27 years on the bench of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts and 23 years as a member of the United States Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the First Circuit. Judge Feeney presided over a full range of cases, including complex commercial cases with multiple parties and conflicting interests. While on the bench, she wrote over 500 opinions in many different areas of the law.

Judge Feeney earned a reputation from the start of her career for being a supremely capable lawyer who always treated everyone with the utmost respect and civility. She has an incomparable ability to distill even the most complex case down to its essence, while still minding the details. 

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Articles and Video:

[PODCAST] JAMS Neutrals Discuss the Use of Mediation in Bankruptcy Cases (08/09/21)
A podcast from JAMS featuring Hon. Joan N. Feeney (Ret.) and Hon Phillip J. Shefferly (Ret.) discussing the intersection of ADR and bankruptcy disputes, drawing on their experience as retired bankruptcy judges and mediators