Lydia Ray

Lydia Ray

Lydia Ray is a GDC court mediator with over 5 years of experience who additionally serves as a family mediator in her private practice. She holds a B.A in International Relations with a focus on conflict resolution pertaining to the Middle East region. She has experience working with nonprofits that focus on sustainable efforts for marginalized groups globally to sustain their own basic and complex needs.

She is a global human-rights activist that utilizes an arts-based approach to educating and spreading awareness of conflict resolution techniques and skills whilst advocating for non-violent expressions to bring about political and social change. She is currently serving in the position as the partnership coordinator with Mediators Beyond Borders International, Intern.

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Articles and Video:

Vulnerability for the WIN! (08/27/21)
Vulnerability as quoted from THE vulnerability researcher Brene Brown “is not winning or losing, it’s having the courage to show up even when you can’t control the outcome”. 

Battling Burnout: Mental Health and Self-Care in Mediation (06/27/21)
Individuals sinking in personal or professional problems may turn to a mediator; Businesses troubled with contractual and commercial disputes may appoint a mediator; Nation-states imploding in racial or communal tension may call on a mediator – and after all this giving, who does the Mediator call on in times of need?

New Mediators' Guidance from Youth Conference (05/18/21)
This article summarizes the Young Minds, Global Voices Conference. This conference was sponsored by in an effort to hear from newer mediators. These 6 sessions comprised up and coming thought leaders from around the globe, forming a brain trust for how to create peace in ourselves, our community and our world.