Bongkiyi John Paul

Bongkiyi John Paul

Bongkiyi John Paul had his Bachelor’s degree (LLB) in Law (2016) and a Master’s degree (LLM) in Business law (2018) from the University of Buea, Cameroon. He is currently a PhD student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Laws and Political Science, University of Buea where he is a Dean’s Scholar.

Bongkiyi’s focus at the University of Buea is on Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is currently undertaking a doctoral research on an advocacy for the use of Online Dispute Resolution in Cameroon. He hopes his research on dispute resolution will enable him to better contribute to the intersection of access to civil justice, litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution issues.

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Announcing Scholarship Winner (05/18/21) is excited to announce Bongkiyi John Paul has won our academic scholarship!

Mediation and Access to Justice for All: The Case of Unrepresented Parties (05/16/21)
Legal systems around the globe are grounded in the rule of law and in theory, justice is available readily and equally to all. In practice, however, access to justice is easier for some than for others, and for those unable to afford legal services, justice may be difficult to obtain.