Dawn Bedlivy

Dawn Bedlivy

Dawn Bedlivy’s federal career has spanned over two decades beginning with her role as an attorney in the General Counsel offices in NGA and NSA. Currently, she heads the NSA ombudsman office, creating innovative programs being replicated across the government.

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Articles and Video:

S.O.R.T.E.D.: A Model to Move from Complexity to Clarity in Conflict Discussions (03/04/22)
Despite many well-intentioned training and intervention efforts to help leaders deal with conflict, a vital piece is missing: how to take useful notes and still be present as you listen.

H.E.R.E are the Steps You Need to Take to Have a Transformational, Conflict-Positive Conversation (02/11/21)
By the time Lee visited HR to request a mediation, he was frustrated and mad.