Keshia Osbourne

Keshia Osbourne

Keshia Osbourne works as an associate at A Place for Mediation. She is certified by the Workplace Fairness Institute (WFI) as a Workplace Fairness Analyst and is on the WFI roster.

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Articles and Video:

Navigating the Legal System (03/14/22)
This is the second in the series regarding self-represented people without any resources for advocates.

Validating Medical Claims: do you get true value for your contributions? (06/16/21)
Anyone who’s employment situation offers them extended health is often under the mistaken notion that their policy will be triggered should a medical need arise.

Theory vs. Reality: Where the Rubber Hits the Road (01/05/21)
After spending four months and 140 hours of intense theoretical study, I walked away from one of Toronto’s leading Universities with a certificate in Dispute Resolution. This was what happened when I stepped in to the real world.