Bruce Ally

Bruce Ally

Bruce Ally is the founder of A Place for Mediation. As a mediator in private practice he has conducted in excess of 4000 matters. He is an instructor in the Lawyer in Negotiation course at Osgood Hall Law School, and a facilitator in the Advanced Mediator Program and the Workplace Elective at York University. He is currently on the Attorney General Roster and a Member of the Workplace Fairness Institute.

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Articles and Video:

Is the Mandatory Mediation Program in Ontario Still Viable? (01/17/22)
When mandatory mediation was introduced in Ontario 27 years ago it was heralded as visionary as it offered many necessary benefits that could not be accommodated at the time, particularly a more efficient legal process. As with any reform, there is the need for revision over time.

Fundamental Attribution Error as a Contribution in Motor Vehicle Accidents (11/22/21)
In our time pressured society in North America, most people feel that they are on a treadmill running as quickly as they can to keep up with the demands placed on them.

Validating Medical Claims: do you get true value for your contributions? (06/16/21)
Anyone who’s employment situation offers them extended health is often under the mistaken notion that their policy will be triggered should a medical need arise.

Progressive Discipline, the Misunderstood Frontier - Part 4 (04/23/21)
Larger companies in the industry have access to formalized systems including human resources departments--what about others?

Progressive Discipline, the Misunderstood Frontier - Part 3 (03/19/21)
Given this is our third article in this series the reader is reminded in our previous article we examined the overreaction on the manager’s part to disciplining employees. The focus of this article is to examine some of the challenges associated with training the management staff and agents.

Progressive Discipline, the Misunderstood Frontier - Part 2 (02/26/21)
Since most employers will be faced with challenges from employees on an ongoing basis it is our intention to explore these ideas and expand on the concepts.

Ambulance Usage Pursuant to an MVA as Determinative of Severity of Sustained Injuries (02/05/21)
Those who have been involved in an accident and chose to pursue their options to recovery through the legal system, often end up at mediation.

Theory vs. Reality: Where the Rubber Hits the Road (01/05/21)
After spending four months and 140 hours of intense theoretical study, I walked away from one of Toronto’s leading Universities with a certificate in Dispute Resolution. This was what happened when I stepped in to the real world.

Progressive Discipline, the Misunderstood Frontier - Part 1 (12/11/20)
In today’s modern workplace there is always a potential for a conflict to arise given the fact that we live in a global village with increase communication, hence the potential for increased conflict.

Should Employment Matters with Religious Connotations be Dealt with in Court or by Mediations? (12/07/20)
This article focuses on a specialized class of employment law and human rights issues where there an overlap exists between matters of creed or religion and the legal relationship. In heterogeneous societies, people will disagree, sometimes passionately and fundamentally, over socio-politics, economics, spirituality and other beliefs and conduct.