Amy Skogerson

Amy Skogerson

AJ Skogerson is an attorney, mediator, educator and consultant. She has 17 years of experience working with clients and colleagues in many capacities as well as extensive involvement with a variety of professional organizations. AJ’s style of practice is calm, caring, organized and straightforward. Her entrepreneurial business background and collaborative family law practice inspired her now fully unbundled law firm, which is specifically designed to assist individuals of all different socioeconomic backgrounds in navigating the legal system while also continuing to maintain a happy, profitable law firm. AJ is a strong proponent of promoting access to justice and assisting overburdened court systems, however she is equally passionate about utilizing unbundled legal services as an effective means for improving attorney well-being.

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Articles and Video:

A Few Best Practices for Online Law Practice and Trainings (08/11/21)
A great article emphasizing that mediators take the time to identify and learn useful online technologies and how to make your online meetings most effective and successful.