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Terry Wheeler Terry Wheeler is engaged in the private practice of law with the Columbus firm of Artz & Dewhirst. His areas of practice include employment, business, and criminal law. Mr. Wheeler also serves as a co-director for the Center for Dispute Resolution. In addition he is an adjunct professor, teaching negotiation, mediation, and dispute resolution courses at the law school. He has extensive dispute resolution experience as a mediator, facilitator, trainer and program design consultant in a variety of settings including schools, courts, state government and communities. He is currently President-Elect of the Board for the Association for Conflict Resolution, which is a national non-profit organization located in Washington, DC.

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Website: www.law.capital.edu/disputeresolution

Articles and Video:

Wheeler, Terry: Helpful Tools in Dealing With Conflict - Video (10/16/10)
Terry Wheeler gives three pieces of advice to those about to engage in a conflict - do an emotional check, use appropriate language, and listen.

Wheeler, Terry: View of Trainers as High Quality - Video (09/16/10)
Terry Wheeler explains how his view of trainers and the trainings he's observed are generally good.

Wheeler, Terry: Legal Knowledge Helps in Negotiations - Video (09/07/10)
Terry Wheeler explains that his legal knowledge helps him in his mediation and negotiation practice by knowing how to interact with attorneys, assessing different situations, and asking certain applicable questions.

Wheeler, Terry: Concern: Quality of Practice - Video (07/16/10)
Terry Wheeler shares his concern that many mediators are more focused on their needs or the program they work for than the focusing on the parties.

Interview with Terry Wheeler - - Views from the Eye of the Storm (06/17/10)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Terry Wheeler, former President of the Association for Conflict Resolution, filmed as part of Mediate.com's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Wheeler, Terry: Incomplete Training Can be Damaging - Video (06/07/10)
Terry Wheeler describes a court program where attorneys receive mediation training for a week. He shares his concern that most of the attorneys having gone through the program call themselves mediators when they're really just trying to settle cases.

Wheeler, Terry: Discussing Licensing and Certification - Video (05/16/10)
Terry Wheeler explains how he doesn't see the field of conflict resolution as ever developing licenses to practice, but does see more development of certifications.

Wheeler, Terry: Institutionalization Not As Helpful as Once Thought - Video (05/16/10)
Terry Wheeler talks about his shift in thinking that institutionalization was a positive thing for the field. He shares his changed opinion.

Wheeler, Terry: Approach: Mostly Facilitative - Video (04/16/10)
Terry Wheeler explains his approach to mediation mostly using a facilitative style with elements of other approaches that weave into his mediations.

Wheeler, Terry: Training Children in Negotiation Skills - Video (02/07/10)
Terry Wheeler discusses research that shows mediation training for children can be effective, though a trainer must impart a comprehensive training, not just the first stages.

Terry Wheeler: Challenges for ACR Members - Video (08/19/09)
Terry Wheeler discusses a challenge for ACR members, which is that many of them are volunteers who also have their own practice at home to be concerned about.

Terry Wheeler: Focus On Parties, Not Process - Video (06/18/09)
Terry Wheeler talks about training mediators and having them ask themselves if they're comfortable with conflict.

Terry Wheeler: Bringing About Change is Motivational - Video (04/22/09)
Terry Wheeler discusses what captivated him about the field, which was that he could bring about change in the way people thought of and engaged in conflict.

Terry Wheeler: The Biggest Fear of Mediation - Video (04/13/09)
Terry Wheeler discusses his concern that someone within a legislative system will define and mandate all aspects of mediation.