Kathleen Young

Kathleen Young

Kathleen Young, M.Ed is the founder of Young Mediation Associates. She currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the General Education Alternative Dispute Resolution Program for the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which she helped create. Young Mediation Associates LLC provides full-scale, confidential mediation services for the educational sector. They facilitate open and transformative dialog to resolve disputes in a non-adversarial manner and help shape healthy school communities and culture. Kathy is trained through Harvard Mediation Program, Mediators without Borders, NonViolent Communication and Global Youth Courts. She holds an M.Ed. in Special Education K-5 and 5-12 from Lesley University, and a B.A. in Political Science from Boston College. A lifelong learner engaged in continuous education and training, she is a tireless advocate for youth, schools, families and communities.

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Website: www.youngmediationassociates.com

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