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Greg Bourne Greg Bourne has been designing and conducting public involvement programs for more than 25 years, and mediating the resolution of public policy issues for nearly twenty years. After ten years as an environmental consultant, he co-founded the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and the Southeast Negotiation Network, while on the faculty of the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1986. In 1996 he established the Center for Civic Participation and Renewal, a non-profit organization focused on enhancing civic engagement and public decision making. He has been affiliated with the Center for Collaborative Policy since 2001.

Mr. Bourne has worked with elected and administrative officials at every level of government, business leaders, representatives of community and environmental advocacy groups, and many other stakeholder organizations. He also has conducted training courses on topics related to negotiation, conflict resolution and public involvement since the mid-1980's. He has published numerous articles on these topics, and as an occasional newspaper columnist written about issues associated with civic engagement and renewal. He is past Co-Chair of the Environmental/Public Policy Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution. He received a Masters in Environmental Engineering Science from the University of Florida and conducted post-graduate studies at the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Bourne is currently working on a diverse array of projects including a negotiated rulemaking for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, water forums for the Bay Area and Fresno regions, a desalination planning handbook and air quality work in the Los Angeles basin.

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Articles and Video:

Interview with Greg Bourne (12/20/10)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Greg Bourne, national public policy mediation leader, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Greg Bourne: Art and Science of Mediation - Video (08/13/10)
Greg Bourne discusses how both art (intuition and experience), as well as science (theory and structure) are part of the mediation process.

Greg Bourne: Neutrality v. Fairness - Video (05/14/10)
Greg Bourne discusses how everyone brings biases to the table, including mediators. The mediator should discuss this with the parties, but express that their role is to be fair and attend to everyones' interests.

Greg Bourne: Directive v. Facilitative Mediation - Video (04/19/10)
Greg Bourne talks about being a more directive mediator in public policy and environmental disputes where the parties want to move forward as quickly as possible.

Greg Bourne: Past and Present Trends in Field - Video (10/07/09)
Greg Bourne points out one early trend in the field - the emphasis that was put on increasing democracy. Now, mediation is an established profession without as much emphasis on the movement aspect.

Greg Bourne: Organizations with Limited Resources - Video (10/07/09)
Greg Bourne talks about the challenges many organizations have with lack of time, staff, and money in order to enter into the mediation process.

Greg Bourne: Knowledge of Mediated Area Helpful - Video (05/28/09)
Greg Bourne explains how his academic background and experience with public policy and environmental issues has helped him move faster in those types of cases. In a specific area of mediation, he notes that not having substantive knowledge of the issues puts one at a disadvantage.


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Bourne, Greg
Complete hour long interview of Greg Bourne by Robert Benjamin