Frank Burke

Frank Burke

Frank Burke is a full time neutral and handles mediation and arbitration matters on Zoom and in offices in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. He focuses on business, commercial, real estate, technology, trade secrets, patents, corporate governance, employment and personal injury matters. 
He applies his 42 years of experience as a business trial lawyer in national law firms having handled a diverse range of business disputes involving varied business sectors in federal and state courts and administrative agencies in 26 states, China and Canada. His website is and he blogs on mediation strategy and advocacy topics at . He is a 1972 graduate of Cornell University (Magna Cum Laude in Economics) and a 1975 graduate of Harvard Law School

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In an ODR World, Is the Time Right to Switch to Multiple Shorter, Staggered Mediation Sessions? (07/21/20)
I believe it is time to start a conversation about whether shorter, staggered sessions ought to be considered a best practice when mediating civil and commercial cases via videoconference.