Veronique Fraser

Veronique Fraser

Véronique Fraser, Ph.D. is Vice-Dean in Strategic Development and Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Unviersity of Sherbrooke, Canada. She is a lawyer called to the bars of Québec and Ontario and a certified mediator. She teaches and has published works in the area of dispute prevention and cross-cultural dispute resolution.

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Articles and Video:

A Negotiation Innovation: An intelligent negotiation assistant (01/14/21)
I am sitting in a room, negotiating a sale, and I’m thinking: Which is likely to be more favorable to me: put a figure on the table, or insist the Other does so first?

7th Key-Usage: Expand the Value of Mediation Into Deal-Making (07/05/20)
Mediation is a malleable process that parties and neutrals adapt to different areas of practice, cultures, and practitioner demands.