Indraneel Gunjal

Indraneel Gunjal

Indraneel Gunjal is an attorney from India and an advanced degree graduate from Stanford Law School, Class of 2020 with a specialization in International Economic Law, Business & Policy. Before joining Stanford, he worked with the Trade Policy Division of the Department of Commerce, Government of India where he was a member of the legal team representing India in its inter-state trade and investment disputes, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations, and also tasked with formulating and reviewing its trade policy.

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An Unusual Happening: A California Appellate Court Overrules an Arbitrator’s Decision (11/24/20)
Recently, the California Court of Appeal in Richard Hale Brown v. TGS Management Company LLC has taken the unparalleled step of applying the California Business & Professions Code to dismiss an arbitration award that found a former employee to have violated the confidential information provisions of his Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Future Group asks Indian Stock Exchanges to Disregard Singapore Arbitral Panel’s Ruling (11/09/20)
Future Retail Limited, India on November 1, 2020 implored the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) to not ascribe any weight to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre’s (SIAC) interim stay order on its deal with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL).

International Arbitral Panel at Singapore Puts Future Retail & Reliance Industries Deal on Hold (11/04/20)
The Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) recently issued an interim order requiring Future Group, India to pause its plan of selling its retail business to Reliance Group, till it delivers the final decision regarding the petition filed by Amazon, USA.

Austrian Supreme Court Holds that Arbitral Tribunal is Allowed to Conduct Virtual Hearings Despite One Party's Objections (11/02/20)
The Austrian Supreme Court on 23 July 2020, gave a judgment that looked into the issue of a potential due process violation on account of conducting an arbitration hearing online through videoconferencing, despite the objections of one of the disputing parties.

Class Action Against Grindr for Selling Consumer Data Might be Forced into Individual Arbiration (09/22/20)
A class action complaint against Grindr for alleged privacy violations may not be able to proceed in traditional court and will have to be resolved through individual arbitration, according to one of the attorneys for the complainant.

The 9th Circuit Rules that Commercial Arbitration Rules Also Apply to Labor Disputes (09/21/20)
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 2-1 decision ruled that the standard for evaluating whether the courts or the arbitrators themselves must decide if commercial disputes are to be arbitrated is equally applicable in the context of labor disputes.

A Study of International Commercial Arbitration in the Commonwealth (09/10/20)
A major Commonwealth study on international commercial arbitration led by Dr. Petra Butler, a professor at Victoria University of Wellington, and Dharshini Prasad, a Senior Associate at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, offers trade-boosting solutions.

Supreme Court Rules that a Non-Party to an International Arbitration Agreement is not precluded from Compelling Arbitration under the Domestic Laws (08/31/20)
Recently, the Supreme Court ruled in GE Energy Power Conversion France SAS v. Outokump Stainless USA that, the New York Convention on Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards is not in conflict with the domestic equitable estoppel doctrines that would allow the enforcement of arbitration agreements by non-signatory parties.

The Ninth Circuit Holds that Amazon Drivers are Covered by the FAA's Transportation Worker Exemption (08/24/20)
The Ninth Circuit allowed Amazon delivery drivers to proceed with a nationwide class-action suit in place of arbitration while holding that these drivers are exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act as they are engaged in interstate commerce.

Switzerland Challenges All the Claims Against it in an Arbitration Proceeding at the ICSID (08/21/20)
A Seychelles based legal entity which is controlled by a Swiss citizen has initiated arbitration proceedings against Switzerland at the ICSID, by relying on the provisions of the Swiss-Hungarian Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT).

The Seventh Circuit's Ruling in the GrubHub Inc. Driver's Case Creates New Fault Lines in Driver Arbitrations (08/12/20)
The Seventh Circuit recently ruled that Grubhub Inc. drivers must arbitrate their overtime claims instead of litigating them in the courts.

Court Denies Patreon Injunction Against Fans of 'Canceled' Comedian (08/03/20)
A California court ruled in favor of the fans of Owen Benjamin, a controversial right-wing comedian, after Patreon, a US fan-funding service, sought an injunction against their arbitration suits against it.

Joe Biden declares his opposition to private corporations having access to 'Special' ISDS Tribunals (07/30/20)
Joe Biden has declared that he is opposed to giving private corporations the right to challenge U.S. labor, health and environmental policies through 'Special' investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS) tribunals, in future trade deals.

Petrobras Files Appeal Against Decision Confirming a $622 Million Award for Texas Oil Rig Operator (07/20/20)
Petrobras claims on appeal that the award cannot be be enforced on grounds of public policy and must, therefore, be vacated, and that the district court erred in denying the defendants’ discovery motions.

NJ Supremes Hold that Arbitration is Applicable to Workers Exempt Under FAA (07/15/20)
NJ Arbitration law is applicable to workers exempt under the Federal Arbitration Act holds the NJ Supreme Court in truckers' wage related litigation.

Uber’s Arbitration Clause Ruled Unconscionable by the Supreme Court Of Canada (07/08/20)
Uber’s service agreement for the drivers of its food delivery services in Canada required them to resolve any dispute with Uber through arbitration in the Netherlands. The Supreme Court of Canada on appeal allowed the driver’s class action to proceed in the Ontario Courts and found the arbitration clause in the Uber drivers’ contracts to be ‘unconscionable’.

Former WeWork Employee Pushes to Resolve Job Discrimination Claims in Court, not Arbitration (07/06/20)
A former employee of WeWorks Companies Inc. has petitioned a Federal District Court in New York to allow a review of its earlier decision which compelled her to pursue her job discrimination claims based on race and sex through arbitration, rather than before the Courts.