Adam Stebbins

Adam Stebbins

Adam Stebbins (B.A. Biology, B.A. Environmental Science, Professional Science Masters, M.S. Environmental Science) is the principal and owner of Stebbins Optimal Solutions.  The SOS approach is built on over 15 years of experience dealing with diverse and complex projects. 

SOS provides facilitation, mediation, and project management consulting services to private, non-profit, and governmental agencies that are dealing with the complex and vital natural resources/environmental issues.  SOS provides a unique mix of consulting services including: 

* Mediation of natural resources/environmental issues to reduce need of costly litigation;

* Facilitation built on 15 years of research and experience within the natural resources/environmental issues field;

*Support management of complex natural resources/environmental projects and programs that engages diverse groups.

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Articles and Video:

Designing for the Intensity of Online Mediation (07/03/20)
The rapid shift to the greatest use of video conferencing technology has occurred, but how are we adapting ourselves and our mediations? Relatively simple adjustments to remote mediation can result in a higher likelihood of outcomes that would have likely occurred during face to face mediation.