NAFCM, D.G. Mawn

NAFCM, D.G. Mawn NAFCM supports peacemakers by being the hub for advancing the work of community mediation, aggregating the wisdom of community mediation and amplifying the voice of community mediators. NAFCM's purpose, as a membership association of peacemakers who employ the practices and values of community mediation, is to help these peacemakers to create safe spaces for the transformation of conflict to opportunities for engagement, resolution and partnership through the work and will of the participants and those impacted.

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Articles and Video:

NAFCM Vulnerable Visions (08/29/20)
The National Association for Community Mediation discusses the importance of having a vulnerable vision, and standing up for it.

Let Communities and Police Together Keep the Peace: Op-Ed (07/03/20)
: Op-EdScores of cellphone videos, capturing police violence around the country, have revealed to millions the depth and breadth of systemic racial bias in the United States. Understandably, many are calling for a new way.