Barney Jordaan

Barney Jordaan

Barney Jordaan is Professor of Management Practice: Negotiation, Conflict Management, Mediation at Vlerick Business School in Belgium. He holds a doctorate in law from Stellenbosch University, where he was professor of law until 1997 teaching negotiation and mediation, including at Stellenbosch University Business School and the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town. Barney was co-founder and director of a consulting firm in South Africa specialising in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution. Barney chaired the Academic Committee of the Global Pound Conference Series 2016-17. He is a Certified Mediator with the International Mediation Institute (The Hague) and is accredited by both CEDR (UK) and the ADR Group (UK).

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Articles and Video:

A Negotiation Innovation: An intelligent negotiation assistant (01/14/21)
I am sitting in a room, negotiating a sale, and I’m thinking: Which is likely to be more favorable to me: put a figure on the table, or insist the Other does so first?

3rd Key - Education: Teach Mediation as a Core Subject Aligned to Real World Needs (07/25/20)
Mediation is rarely taught as a core subject in business schools, law schools and other professional curricula, despite the fact that an increasing number of jurisdictions now provide for some form of court sponsored mediation.