Claire Mendes

Claire Mendes

Claire Mendes is a law student at University of Missouri-Columbia. She has a B.A. in English and Philosophy from St. Lawrence University.

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Articles and Video:

The Potential Rise of Bankruptcy Cases in Arbitration (07/30/20)
The authors of The Overlap Between Bankruptcy Court and Arbitration in the United States: Is a Preference for Arbitration the Key to Breaking the Loop? argue that following the coronavirus pandemic, there will be a shift from litigating bankruptcy in courts to resolving it through arbitration.

Policy options when selecting judges for the Multilateral Investment Court (06/16/20)
Catharine Titi's article "The nationality of the international judge: Policy options for the Multilateral Investment Court" discusses how the drafters of the statute for the Court could address issues relating to the nationality of the judges, including whether they should include national and ad hoc judges. She recommends that the court should only select judges in its membership, aim for reasonable geographic representation without lowering standards for qualification, and that they should probably not allow national and ad hoc judges.