Gary Doernhoefer

Gary Doernhoefer

Gary Doernhoefer graduated from the University of Chicago School of Law in 1984 and went in-house after a few years as a litigator.  Most of his career was spent in the airline and travel industry serving as in-house counsel for American Airlines, founding general counsel for Orbitz, the travel website, co-founder of Accertify, a startup venture subsequently sold to AMEX, and General Counsel for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the international trade association for the global airline industry.  Mr. Doernhoefer’s efforts to encourage the airline industry to use ADR and related work with the law faculty at the Ohio State University led to a recognition of the potential for technology to assist the practice of mediation.  That triggered a return of entrepreneurial instincts and Mr. Doernhoefer today is the founder of ADR Notable, LLC which has developed a technology platform specifically for the needs of mediators.

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Articles and Video:

Are Demographics Destiny for Technology in Mediation? (05/03/20)
The age demographics of consumers of mediation services and mediators themselves will likely drive the adoption of technology to assist in the delivery of mediation services in the very near future.