Judith Meyer

Judith Meyer

Judith Meyer has served as a mediator and arbitrator for more than 25 years. She mediates and arbitrates commercial, employment, construction, wrongful death and personal injury, professional liability, business, intellectual property, and insurance disputes. Meyer is the principal in Commercial Dispute Solutions.

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Articles and Video:

Private Arbitration for Business Disputes in the Time of COVID (09/17/20)
New urgencies created by COVID, new virtual platforms that are increasingly user-friendly and real, and all the traditional reasons—an experienced arbiter, party control, efficiency, speed —make private arbitration a fine choice for businesses that have disputes during the pandemic.

A Conversation on the Challenges of Mediation Practice (03/13/20)
To learn more about the challenges of mediation practice and how the practice has evolved, Kimberlee Kovach recently sat down with Jeffrey Krivis, Judith Meyer, and Larry Watson to get their perspectives.