Margaret Shaw

Margaret Shaw

Margaret L. Shaw, Esq. was widely respected for her persistence and creativity in reaching settlement and was sought after to design and implement innovative ADR Systems nationwide.  Margaret Shaw joined JAMS when ADR Associates combined their firm with JAMS in 2004. A former civil litigator, Ms. Shaw maintained an active ADR practice for more than twenty-five years and was the author of numerous articles on a variety of aspects of the ADR field, such as a chapter called “Mediating Class Actions” included in the ADR Handbook for Judges.

Articles and Video:

Hopes for Future of Mediation (07/27/20)
Margaret Shaw talks about what she hopes to see in the future for mediation: that mediation in schools will make a difference; certification regulations will form slowly, so as not to lose the flexibility of the field; that there will be an increased emphasis on collaboration in society.

Teaching to Mediate (06/01/20)
Margaret Shaw describes an effective way of teaching mediation. It involves classroom learning as well as shadowing experienced mediators to gain an understanding of the sense of process and flow.

Moments of Genius (12/01/19)
Margaret Shaw describes what is happening in a mediation when she feels "in the groove" of mediating. For her, this feeling comes from feeling connected with clients, having a deep understanding of what the issue is, being aware and knowing intuitively where to go next.

Interview with Margaret Shaw - Views from the Eye of the Storm (09/26/18)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Margaret Shaw, recipient of this year's Mary Parker Follett award from ACR, filmed as part of's ' Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Margaret Shaw Memorial (02/06/17)
Margaret Shaw, a lawyer and pioneer in alternative dispute resolution, died unexpectedly February 2, 2017.

Shaw, Margaret: Working with JAMS - Video (12/29/09)
Margaret Shaw describes her career move to JAMS and explains the benefits she has received there: great collegiality, professional continuing education, and re-balancing her own professional focus.

Margaret Shaw: Variety of Approaches in Mediation - Video (05/21/09)
Margaret Shaw talks about the variety of approaches to mediating cases and emphasizes that each one has its pros and cons. It is important that the parties know which approach is being used.


The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm Vol. I
Views from the Eye of the Storm

Featuring 31 of the most experienced mediators in the world.

This two-hour DVD is a "highlight" film of compelling commentary from pioneers and leaders in the field of mediation.

(2006) ISBN # 1-933857-04-8

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Shaw, Margaret
Complete hour-long interview of Margaret Shaw by Robert Benjamin.