Vanessa Rose

Vanessa Rose

Vanessa Rose is a psychotherapist and writer who enjoys wandering aimlessly around Los Angeles in her free time. With a background in business, she embraces how structure and goals can significantly support the journey into the wild west of psychological exploration. Always curious about self-improvement and emotional expansion, Vanessa also manages her own website which explores the unconscious motivations of eating disorders in women.

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Articles and Video:

Resolving Cognitive Conflict in the Workplace (12/28/20)
When two people are tasked to complete a project together, they may not always agree on how to get it done.

Using Assertive Communication as a Way to Prevent Conflict in the Workplace (08/29/20)
Practicing effective communication is one of the most impactful ways to prevent conflict in the workplace.

Avoiding the Need for Workplace Dispute Resolution (06/19/20)
Conflict arises in most workplaces at one point or another, but companies who take time to address the unmet needs of their employees may find that they have an easier time preventing or managing conflict overall.

Risk Factors for Workplace Interpersonal Conflict: How to Prevent it Before It Begins (02/16/20)
Managers might scoff at the amount of time they have to put toward mitigating workplace interpersonal conflict instead of managing productivity, overseeing innovation, attending important meetings, and networking for individual or team growth.

Positive Conflict in the Workplace: When Disputes Have Business Perks (11/29/19)
Conflict is something we typically try to avoid, especially when we’re talking about business environments.