Noah Shaw

Noah Shaw

Noah Shaw has a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication from Pepperdine University and is currently earning his Masters in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. At Pepperdine, Noah has experience in mediating conflict and responding to crisis situations in his role as an Assistant Resident Director. As a member of Pepperdine’s emergency response team, he plays a critical role in emergency situations, partaking in thorough continuous training and executing necessary protocols to ensure the safety of the Pepperdine community at large. His experience in marketing and communication, combined with his passion for learning the ins and outs of dispute resolution, have helped him find a place at Pollack Peacebuilding. In the role of research coordinator, Noah will be serving Pollack Peacebuilding through examining the latest dispute resolution research and applying it to both content distribution and PPS’ best practices.

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Articles and Video:

Resolving Cognitive Conflict in the Workplace (12/11/20)
When two people are tasked to complete a project together, they may not always agree on how to get it done.

Review Analyzes Impact of Conflict and Stress on the Workplace (10/26/20)
With the advent of COVID-19, workplace conflict and stress have become front of mind problems for many organizations.

The Roots of Intolerance and Opposition to Compromise: The Effects of Absolutism on Political Attitudes (10/01/19)
With increasing political polarization in the United States, political absolutists are halting the practice of compromise and collaboration for their Congressional representatives.