Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews

Kayla Matthews is a business productivity journalist and wellness writer whose work has been featured on New Worker Magazine, The Muse, B2B News, and The Business Journals. To see more of her writing, visit her blog Productivity Theory or follow her on Twitter.

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Articles and Video:

What Is E-Mediation? (10/26/20)
The internet has become an indispensable business resource as more companies rely on online tools.

Employee Contracts Are Becoming Complicated Amid COVID-19 (08/29/20)
Employee contracts, which were rarely straightforward before the pandemic, are particularly complicated now.

Benefits of Volunteer Mediation (02/21/20)
As a legal professional, it’s your job to pick sides. Whether you’re a lawyer fighting a case or a paralegal gathering the evidence to back it up, your aim is to make a strong argument for your client.

Pursuing a Mediation Career Without a Law Degree (11/29/19)
A career in mediation can be a reasonably lucrative choice that delivers challenges and rewards for those who are suited.

7 Benefits of Mediation Programs in Higher Education Institutions (10/10/19)
There are many forms of mediation and environments in which they occur, but a place that proves extremely beneficial for mediation takes place in an educational setting.

Why Your Leadership Style May Be the Source of the Conflict (08/23/19)
While many employees face workplace challenges like co-working conflicts or miscommunication, a bad leadership style can be even more catastrophic.