Jay Safier

Jay Safier

I. Jay Safier, CPA, CGMA, CFF is a professional mediator and the owner of Safier Mediation Center, LLC. He is an R.1:40 qualified mediator on the New Jersey Superior Court's Roster of Mediators for Civil, General Equity and Probate Cases and a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. Mr. Safier practiced as a certified public accountant for 50 years providing accounting and auditing, tax, estate and business consulting services to a diverse group of closely-held businesses, high-net-worth individuals and nonprofit organizations. He had been involved in matters covering the representation of clients before taxing authorities, shareholder disputes, forensic investigations; and as an expert witness. In his practice he had also been involved in assisting clients resolve internal business disputes arising from different interpretations of contracts.

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Marriage and Divorce Under The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (07/05/19)
As a former practicing CPA, who is now a professional mediator, I pose the following question: What has the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act done to help couples improve the statistics regarding the institution of marriage and make the emotional issues of divorce less stressful?