Tony Guise

Tony Guise

For thirty years, Tony Guise practised as a solicitor specialising in commercial litigation.  For 22 of those years he was involved in the major civil justice reforms in the civil justice system of England and Wales as President of the London Solicitors Litigation Association, the founder of the Commercial Litigation Association and a member of various committees of the Law Society of England and Wales.  Tony worked with the Ministry of Justice, Lord Justice Jackson and others to introduce effective IT to the civil justice system.  During the past 6 years he developed a Platform that delivers ADR in a secure environment.

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Articles and Video:

Previews of 2022: The Past, Present, and Future of (A)DR in England and Wales (12/28/21)
For years jurisdictions around the world have embraced Cloud-based platforms to deliver Court services and ADR solutions. Meanwhile those of us in England and Wales (E&W) have looked on seeming helpless as initiative after initiative in the UK failed to deliver the benefits of that stalwart of 20th century technology: e-filing.

A Tale of Two Pilots: A comparison of civil justice innovation in New York State and England & Wales (02/25/21)
Two recent announcements of pilot programs on either side of the Atlantic bring in to sharp focus steps being taken to bust the Backlog of civil cases in two jurisdictions.

Max Schrems strikes again! Where next for Mediation Service Providers and their mediators? (09/15/20)
Examines the outcome of the CJEU’s decision known as Schrems II from the perspective of mediation service providers and mediators. Proposes practical steps in which the results of Schrems II may be addressed. Reviews the emerging responses of Data Protection Authorities in Europe and the USA.

Is Mediation Justice? (05/23/19)
This challenges the views of some commentators that mediation is a bad thing because it is private and prevents citizens from having their day in court.