Keren Khaya Abrams

Keren Khaya Abrams

Keren Khaya Abrams, MA (Interdisciplinary Arts), holds a BA in Psychology and has devoted her career to facilitating the access to our best selves. With professions in Modern Dance Performance, Counseling, Somatic Energy-work and numerous years of offering workshops internationally, her current focus is in providing online communications courses, and pursuing work in Mediation, newly certified, while interning with Michael Travers, Esq. in Boulder, Co. She lives in Santa Fe, NM with her twin toddlers and is also currently authoring two novels. 

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Articles and Video:

Preparing Clients for Mediation: a quick communications course before the first meeting (04/12/19)
In that couple-week wait from scheduling to the first meeting, could be a ripe and highly motivated time for Mediation clients to tune up on skillful communications.