Arran Heal

Arran Heal

Arran Heal is the Managing Director of CMP Resolutions.


Articles and Video:

The Horror of Bullying at France Telecom (01/03/20)
Between 2008 and 2009, 35 employees of France Télécom committed suicide.

Why Mediation Should be Part of Health and Wellness (11/15/19)
By the time workplace disputes have reached the attention of Employee Relations, mediation starts to look like a last chance saloon for informal resolution.

Can We Ever Deal With Unconscious Bias? (10/25/19)
Having mature, self-aware conversations takes a good level of skills – what we call Conversational Intelligence.

How to Really Stop Discrimination by Class (09/12/19)
Discrimination is a tightening net of issues and demands around HR.

Is Racial Discrimination the Next MeToo? (08/23/19)
Racial discrimination is a problem that’s bubbling under the surface of workplaces.

What Happens if Employers Have to Prove They're Not Discriminating? (08/02/19)
Legal recriminations and punishments usually only limit the conversation.

Can't Employers Live Without Gagging Orders? (06/14/19)
Employers’ use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) is destroying lives, says Maria Miller MP.

Why the NHS Shouldn't Need to Worry About Whistleblowers (05/10/19)
The end of NDAs should be fundamental to encouraging good working environments across the NHS and the kind of honest, self-aware culture that both staff and patients can rely on.

Have We Lost the Ability to be Curious? (05/03/19)
Adrian Chiles in The Guardian recently made the point that “on all media, mainstream and social…nobody wants to know stuff; they just want to tell you what they already know, or how wrong you are about what you think you know.”

Will More Harassment Training Ever Work? (03/17/19)
A new study has claimed 44% of UK business directors haven’t had any training on workplace harassment.

What's Aspiration and What's Bullying? (03/01/19)
There’s a thin line between a high-performance workplace with high expectations and an organisation poisoned by bullying.