Arran Heal

Arran Heal

Arran Heal is the Managing Director of CMP Resolutions.


Articles and Video:

After Lockdown, Businesses will Need to be More Human Than Ever (03/08/21)
Working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for organizations to demonstrate their emotional qualities.

Cope with Conflict During COVID-19 (03/20/20)
Workplace conflict can’t be, ignored, cancelled or put on hold. And there are suddenly all kinds of reasons for employees to feel pushed to their limit.

The Horror of Bullying at France Telecom (01/03/20)
Between 2008 and 2009, 35 employees of France Télécom committed suicide.

Why Mediation Should be Part of Health and Wellness (11/15/19)
By the time workplace disputes have reached the attention of Employee Relations, mediation starts to look like a last chance saloon for informal resolution.

Can We Ever Deal With Unconscious Bias? (10/25/19)
Having mature, self-aware conversations takes a good level of skills – what we call Conversational Intelligence.

How to Really Stop Discrimination by Class (09/12/19)
Discrimination is a tightening net of issues and demands around HR.

Is Racial Discrimination the Next MeToo? (08/23/19)
Racial discrimination is a problem that’s bubbling under the surface of workplaces.

What Happens if Employers Have to Prove They're Not Discriminating? (08/02/19)
Legal recriminations and punishments usually only limit the conversation.

Can't Employers Live Without Gagging Orders? (06/14/19)
Employers’ use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) is destroying lives, says Maria Miller MP.

Why the NHS Shouldn't Need to Worry About Whistleblowers (05/10/19)
The end of NDAs should be fundamental to encouraging good working environments across the NHS and the kind of honest, self-aware culture that both staff and patients can rely on.

Have We Lost the Ability to be Curious? (05/03/19)
Adrian Chiles in The Guardian recently made the point that “on all media, mainstream and social…nobody wants to know stuff; they just want to tell you what they already know, or how wrong you are about what you think you know.”

Will More Harassment Training Ever Work? (03/17/19)
A new study has claimed 44% of UK business directors haven’t had any training on workplace harassment.

What's Aspiration and What's Bullying? (03/01/19)
There’s a thin line between a high-performance workplace with high expectations and an organisation poisoned by bullying.