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Teresa Wakeen Teresa A. Wakeen, J.D., President of Wakeen & Associates Mediation Services, has served exclusively as a professional mediator since 1992. Having successfully mediated over 2700 disputes nationwide, Ms. Wakeen is known for her integrity, tenacity, ingenuity and ability to bring parties together to settle the most difficult and complex of litigated disputes.

Her dynamic mediation practice includes a broad range of complex business disputes, class action suits, and multi-party cases including matters of aviation, corporate transactions, environmental, construction, discrimination, employment, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, healthcare, telecommunications, civil rights, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, products liability, intellectual property, maritime, public policy, insurance coverage and bad faith, and toxic tort.

Ms. Wakeen is a frequent speaker and trainer of dispute resolution topics for many distinguished organizations including the International Academy of Mediators, the International Maritime Law Conference, the American Bar Association, the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University’s Strauss Institute of Dispute Resolution, the University of Washington School of Law, the Pacific Northwest ADR Conference, and the Washington State Office of the Attorney General.

Ms. Wakeen serves as Vice President of the International Academy of Mediators and is a member of CPR's Panel of Distinguished Neutrals. A graduate from the University of Wisconsin (B.A., 1980, J.D., 1983), Ms. Wakeen became a Beta Gamma Sigma member while pursuing an MBA, and has trained at the Program on Negotiations at Harvard Law School, the Advanced Mediation Program at CDR Associates and the Masters Forum at the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Prior to her career as a full time mediator, Ms. Wakeen was Associate General Counsel for CUNA and Affiliates. Her corporate practice included areas of commercial and business litigation, multi-party contract negotiations, and antitrust advising. Prior to joining CUNA, Ms. Wakeen was a litigator in products liability, medical malpractice, and general commercial and business matters.

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Website: www.wakeen.net

Articles and Video:

Being Neutral is a Myth (03/01/20)
Terry Wakeen explains that she believes being neutral is a myth. She still upholds her ethical duty, however, to not force her opinions and judgments on the parties.

Interview with Terry Wakeen - Views from the Eye of the Storm (07/19/16)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with well-known Seattle Mediator Terry Wakeen filmed as part of Mediate.com's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Series.

From Terry Wakeen (10/14/13)
Congratulations on reaching the 500th edition! Quite a milestone! Mediate.com has helped shape us as a profession. Thanks for the invaluable resources and support you continue to provide to the ever-evolving, ever-learning mediation community. We are all better because of our relationship with Mediate.com and the innovative ideas and information you provide to us, as well as the network of colleagues with whom we are connected because of you!

Wakeen, Terry: Passion and Commitment to Mediation - Video (09/25/10)
Terry Wakeen describes her satisfaction from helping people to negotiate and resolve their conflicts.

Wakeen, Terry: Personal Rewards from Mediating - Video (09/07/10)
Terry Wakeen talks about how she feels like a better person as a mediator than she did as a litigator.

Terry Wakeen: Positive Developments in Mediation - Video (06/20/10)
Teresa Wakeen describes the changes of mediation over time. Training is better, lawyers are being trained in mediation, there's more dialogue, brainstorming, and collaboration between mediators, and it is more successful than it was in the past.

Wakeen, Terry: Mediation as Helping Profession; Satisfying - Video (05/24/10)
Terry Wakeen describes why people are drawn to mediation, how it is a "helping profession", and how she feels more part of the solution than part of the problem.

Wakeen, Terry: East Ten Years Behind West in Mediation - Video (05/07/10)
Teresa Wakeen talks about why she believes that mediation on the East Coast is ten years behind mediation on the West Coast. East Coast more aggressive with litigation, sees mediation as a compromise and therefore as a weakness, West Coast more open to alternatives.

Teresa Wakeen: Successful Mediation Practice - Video (04/29/10)
Terry Wakeen describes what makes a mediator successful or a mediaton practice a success: having a genuine interest in people, being a good communicator, and marketing techniques.

Wakeen, Terry: Presence during Mediation - Video (04/24/10)
Terry Wakeen describes her style of encouraging both parties to be present during the mediation in order to fully resolve peoples' frustrations and cases.

Wakeen, Terry: Cultural Differences in Conflict Resolution - Video (01/24/10)
Theresa Wakeen describes a case she had that involved a Korean mother and a bus-driver who had hit and killed the mother's daughter with the bus. Talks about cultural differences in mediation and conflict resolution, the presence of both parties, and the importance of communication between the parties.

Wakeen, Terry: Mediators' Obligation to Public Good - Video (01/07/10)
Terry Wakeen feels that mediatiors have an obligation to the community and should support the public good with quality services and always striving to improve.

Wakeen, Terry: Personal Challenges - Video (10/07/09)
Terry Wakeen voices the personal challenges she struggles with in her practice. One is the challenge of balancing life and staying centered and the other is staying fresh and remembering to relinquish control and let the parties take over the process of conflict resolution.


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Wakeen, Teresa
Complete hour-long interview of Teresa Wakeen by Robert Benjamin.