Chris Moore

Chris Moore

Christopher Moore has worked in the field of decision making and conflict management for over twenty years and is an internationally known mediator, facilitator, dispute systems designer, trainer, and author in the field of conflict management. Moore has consulted in twenty-one countries in Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. He was trained as a mediator by the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (1979) and the American Arbitration Association (1976), and holds a Ph.D. in political sociology and development from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

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Articles and Video:

Problem Solving vs. Transformative Mediation (06/10/20)
Chris Moore talks about mediators who are problem solvers and those who attempt to transform the relationships and moral views of the parties; Moore's position is somewhere in the middle.

Essence of Mediation (06/01/20)
Chris Moore shares a piece of a Robert Frost poem which he thinks represents the essence of mediation: finding a common good among people with different interests and different needs.

Multi-partiality: An Effective Position for Mediators in Resolving Disputes (12/15/19)
Chris Moore explains partiality, neutrality and multi-partiality, the latter being the goal of a mediator's position. He explains multi-partiality within contexts of spousal abuse mediation and exploitation within a third world country.

Interview with Chris Moore - Views from the Eye of the Storm (08/01/17)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with mediation pioneer Chris Moore, Founder of CDR Associates in Boulder, CO, and a long time leader in the area of public policy mediation, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Series.

Chris Moore: Contexts in which the Center for Dispute Resolution Works - Video (08/20/10)
Chris Moore talks about the focus of CDR's work: large, multi-party disputes that often involve the public, organizational and policy-level work, and work in international disputes.

Chris Moore: Start of the Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR) - Video (06/29/10)
Chris Moore explains the start of the Center for Dispute Resolution in 1978 and who the four partners were, which are the same partners as today.

Chris Moore: Equal Representation of Parties' Interests - Video (04/22/10)
Chris Moore describes his position as a mediator to ensure that the parties are in a state to adequately represent their interests in order that the agreement be fair. Example of a woman in a financial dispute who had trouble with numbers because she was brain-damaged.

Moore, Chris: Premature Intervention as Problem - Video (12/29/09)
Chris Moore talks about the problem of mediators wanting to intervene prematurely with the intention of bringing peace into a conflict. Often, one party is less organized than the other and the solution that may be agreed upon will be unequal because of it and gives examples.

Moore, Chris: Increase of Specializations - Video (11/14/09)
Chris Moore talks about the increase of specializations in the mediation field and how there are positives and negatives that go along with it. Also shares how it is important to start out doing interpersonal mediation to gain understanding of the psychology of parties, then one is able to bring some of those skills into larger-scale mediations.

Chris Moore: Working with Unpopular Causes as a Mediator - Video (07/24/09)
Chris Moore talks about working in South Africa and with Nazi sympathizers as part of a mediation.

Moore, Chris: Sources and Effectiveness of Early Training - Video (06/10/09)
Chris Moore describes his training early on with the American Arbitration Association and the organization 'Moving for a New Society'. The training's method of participation, coaching, and feedback impressed him.

Moore, Chris: Changes in World Conflict - Video (05/10/09)
Chris Moore shares his opinion on how world conflict has gone down in some arenas, but in others it has not, as new issues for dispute resolution have arisen. Also, he describes how the field has been more effective at the grassroots level than at a global level.

Moore, Chris: Anti-apartheid Training in South Africa - Video (05/10/09)
Chris Moore's account of CDR's work in South Africa during the apartheid and anti-apartheid movement. Moore describes working with employers and conducting workshops for different South African groups.

Moore, Chris: Work Toward Solution - Video (05/10/09)
Chris Moore describes the role of a mediator: instead of advocating for the conflicting parties to have a better relationship, the mediator's job is to work toward a solution the parties agree to and not push them to transform their relationship, unless the parties desire that.

Moore, Chris: CDR's Start in International Arena - Video (04/10/09)
Chris Moore explains how CDR started its international work: being trained in Canada, working in Sri Lanka and then in South Africa.

Chris Moore: Starting Mediating? - Video (03/19/09)
Chris Moore explains how one-on-one mediation is a good place to start for mediators coming into the field. From there, one can gain the skills necessary for more complex dispute contexts.

Mapping Cultures-Strategies For Effective Intercultural Negotiations (03/29/04)
Few 'maps' exist to describe how different cultures resolve conflict. This often leads to misunderstanding and less than optimal agreements. Chris Moore and Peter Woodrow offer a framework for understanding cultural differences and negotiating accordingly...


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Moore, Chris
Complete hour-long interview of Chris Moore by Robert Benjamin.