Melissa Marzett

Melissa Marzett

Working for, Melisa Marzett is looking for more opportunities for writing guest articles. She is curious by nature and is up for writing challenges. You name it, you get it. In addition, she feels like writing books but does not feel as if she is ready for it now. She gains writing experience so far and enjoys reading let alone communicating with others in order to find out something new.

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Articles and Video:

What Do Mediators Do? (05/30/19)
If mediation were limited to only commercial transaction, these would be the functions of a mediator.

How Three Geniuses Solved Workplace Conflicts (02/15/19)
It is fascinating to trace how management has been resolving conflicts arising in production over the past 100 years, how production management developed.

How to Deconflict Situations for One's Personal Benefit (11/23/18)
Whether loved, despised, or a stranger, conflict causes anxiety, increases tension of blood and causes inconvenience.