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Janet E. Mitchell Janet E. Mitchell, J. D., Attorney-Mediator, is director of the Midwest Mediation Training Center. Janet has mediated over 850 disputes and teaches both basic and advanced mediation skills. She also serves half-time as Bluffton University Mediation Coordinator. Janet is a mediation pioneer, most recently co-founding www.EldercareMediators.com.  Since 1986, she has worked with Indiana's judiciary and bar associations to establish mediation in the court system. Janet is an Advanced Practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, and co-chaired the state bar's first mediation ethics committee. She co-founded a number of organizations, including the Church of the Brethren's Ministry of Reconciliation and Fort Wayne's Common Ground Community Dispute Resolution Center. Janet is listed with Indiana Association of Mediator's Directory, and the Indiana Court's Registry of Civil Mediators and Registry of Domestic Relations Mediators. She serves as a United States Postal Service REDRESS Mediator, mediator for the Transportation Security Administration, Indiana Special Education, and mediates Americans with Disabilities Act cases for the Department of Justice. Janet received her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Political Science, and her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. She is licensed to practice law in Indiana, and authored the ethics chapter for the Indiana Dispute Resolution Manual.

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Website: www.EldercareMediators.com

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Eldercare Mediation: A New Way To Make Decisions Regarding Aging Parents (09/15/03)
The article describes how families can work together in making collaborative decisions regarding the care of elderly parents. It defines and explains family mediation, noting the kinds of topics that can be discussed.