Jonathan Rodrigues

Jonathan Rodrigues

Jonathan Rodrigues is a member of the MediateIndia! Advisory Board.

Jonathan is a lawyer and mediator, leading the Online Mediation and Corporate Relations verticals at CAMP – Centre for Advanced Mediation Practice, in Bangalore, India. Jonathan is also engaged as Guest Faculty at MNLU Mumbai, at its newly launched post-graduate course in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

Jonathan is trained and accredited as a Mediator by the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM), Cochin. He is also a certified civil and commercial mediator with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), affiliated to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India). He is trained and certified in facilitating cross-border family disputes by the summer academy hosted at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Jonathan has trained with SCMA London and Singapore International Mediation Institute as a Mediation Lawyer.

He is currently awaiting his LL.M. degree, pursuant to studying Mediation and Conflict Resolution at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow / UK. Jonathan is the co-founder and advisor at The PACT.

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Articles and Video:

Strathclyde Mediation Clinic: A decade of dedication to mediation in Scotland (10/11/21)
The Mediation Clinic attached to the University of Strathclyde (“The Mediation Clinic”) in Glasgow, Scotland, recently won the ‘Community Contribution Award’ at the Scottish Legal Awards 2021. This is an article discussing the program.

Battling Burnout: Mental Health and Self-Care in Mediation (06/27/21)
Individuals sinking in personal or professional problems may turn to a mediator; Businesses troubled with contractual and commercial disputes may appoint a mediator; Nation-states imploding in racial or communal tension may call on a mediator – and after all this giving, who does the Mediator call on in times of need?

Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Online Mediation for Youth and Schools (06/03/21)
How can we best support the development of online mediation and online mediation training for youth and in our schools?  This Youth and Schools 2-hour Forum builds upon the 2-day "Young Minds, Global Voices Online Conference." 

New Mediators' Guidance from Youth Conference (05/18/21)
This article summarizes the Young Minds, Global Voices Conference. This conference was sponsored by in an effort to hear from newer mediators. These 6 sessions comprised up and coming thought leaders from around the globe, forming a brain trust for how to create peace in ourselves, our community and our world.  

Mediators, Time to Mend Our Nets (01/04/21)
This article examines what we should do as mediators during the pandemic.

Should a Mediator Make a Political Perspective Public? (11/06/20)
Globally, as waves of nationalism and existentialism begin to unsettle democratic institutions, as ideologies driven by hatred conspire to digitally divide millions, as 8 billion people are instigated to talk more and listen less – dialogue remains relevant and mediators are valued more than ever.

No Mo Fo Mo (09/08/20)
All you need to know is – there is No Mo Fo Mo. Everything prior to 2019 B.C. (Before Corona) was a rehearsal; we are now living in the real digital age.

Reflective Practice - Observing Mediator Language (07/16/20)
The art and craft of mediation, like many other skills, mainly matures from the myriad mistakes mediators make on their way to meticulously mastering the process.

Mumbai Set to Host India’s First Masters Course in Mediation (06/08/20)
Mediation in India has taken giant strides over the last few years. The new course offerings are a testament to these advances.

Crisis Communication & Covid-19: Did our politicians test positive for ‘empathy’? (04/13/20)
This article is an opinion piece by one reader and examines if our world leaders responded to the COVID-19 crisis with empathy.

A ‘Mediator’s Touchdown’: Tactfully concluding imperfect conferences (01/25/20)
“That was a poor landing by the captain,” grumbled an unamused passenger to a stranger across the aisle. “Every flight is a risk. We must not take for granted that we are alive to complain,” the other responded.

Pressure-Cooker Mediation: Stick to basics to make a difference (12/19/19)
Set in an adversarial environment with a clicking court battle time-bomb placed over our heads, my first experience of court referred mediation in Scotland, as a co-mediator, was overwhelmingly real.

Reintroducing Mediation To Millennial India - Part 2 (10/11/19)
Mediation requires an entirely different branding approach—away from being a charitable amenity in court, towards becoming a commercially viable service.

TED talk- Did Your Lawyer Mention Multi-door Dispute Resolution System? (09/29/19)
33 million cases are pending in the courts of India as of 2019--what is the answer?

Reintroducing Mediation To Millennial India (09/20/19)
For mediation to flourish into the future, mediation practitioners and lawmakers in India need to rethink the nation’s policies and strategies in promoting mediation to a generation of millennials.

India’s Internet Citizens Can Finally Settle Online! (09/07/19)
This millennial generation demands quick, accessible and tech-ridden supply of solutions to all its needs. How, then, does this generation remain indifferent and accommodating of the traditionally inefficient court system?

Safeguarding the Pillars of Mediation in India (08/26/19)
When mediating in India, adhering to the ‘four pillars’ is key.

The Mediation Advocate’s Alphabet (10/19/18)
From limited experiences, learning from mistakes, compliments from clients, advise from mentors and suggestions from peers, here is a guidebook with some cheat codes for any amateur lawyer looking to rehearse before a Mediation.